Digital multimeter Unit 153 UTM (UT53)

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Digital multimeter unit 153 UTM (UT53) designed to measure DC, AC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, temperature, diode, and transistor check and continuity test.

The high quality device fabrication, placed in a rubber case which protects against bumps, the back side of the integrated pull-out stand for convenient horizontal or vertical (can be hung) placement.

Technical characteristics of the DMM unit 153 UTM (UT53):

General characteristics
Dimensions190 x 88 x 34 mm
ScreenLCD, 33 x 65 mm
Food9V battery (6F22)
Weight580 g
Constant voltage (DC)200 mV/2 V/20 V/200 V/1000 V
An alternating voltage (AC)200 mV/2 V/20 V/200 V/750 V
Direct current (DC)2 mA/20 mA/200 mA/20 A
Alternating current (AC)20 mA/200 mA/20 A
Resistance200 Ohm/2 kOhm/20 kOhm/200 kOhm/2 MOhm/20 MOhm/200 MOhm
Capacity2 nF/20 nF/200 nF/2 UF/20 UF
Temperature-20°C to 1000°C


The functionality of a digital multimeter unit 153 UTM (UT53):

  • LCD.
  • The auto off function.
  • Different dimensions:
  • DC.
  • AC voltage.
  • DC.
  • AC.
  • Resistance.
  • Capacity.
  • Temperature.
  • Testing diodes.
  • Check transistors.
  • Continuity test.
  • Sleep.
  • The annunciator circuit.
  • The battery powered.
  • Simplicity of connection and operation.
  • Electrical safety: EN61010-1, CATII600V/CATI1000V.

Equipment digital multimeter unit 153 UTM (UT53):

  • Digital multimeter unit UTM 153 (1 PC.)
  • Probes (2 PCs.)
  • Temperature sensor (1 piece)
  • Battery (1 PC.)
  • Stand (1 piece)
  • User manual (1 PCs.)
Габаритные размеры 190 x 88 x 34 мм
Гарантия 24 месяца
Емкость 2 нФ/20 нФ/200 нФ/2 мкФ/20 мкФ
Назначение Измерение напряжения
Переменное напряжение (AC) 200 мВ/2 В/20 В/200 В/750 В
Переменный ток (AC) 20 мА/200 мА/20 A
Питание батарея 9 В (6F22)
Постоянное напряжение (DC) 200 мВ/2 В/20 В/200 В/1000 В
Постоянный ток (DC) 2 мА/20 мА/200 мА/20 A
Сопротивление 200 Ом/2 кОм/20 кОм/200 кОм/2 МОм/20 МОм/200 МОм
Температура от –20°C до 1000°C
Тип Мультиметры
Экран ЖКД, 33 x 65 мм
General characteristics
Вес 580 г/ЖКД, 33 x 65 мм
Габаритные размеры 190 x 88 x 34 мм
Питание батарея 9 В (6F22)

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