Soldering kit ZD-972B (220V 30W soldering iron, desoldering pump, stand, solder 10g, sting)

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD-972B
315 ₴

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Soldering kit ZD-972B includes 220V soldering iron 30 W desoldering pump (solder extractor), stand, solder 10 g and sting. The kit is designed for fast workplace preparation for soldering or repairing. It is used in the home and masters of mobile and stationary teams. The convenient handle of the soldering iron and stand, bystrorazvivajushchiesja sting from nichrome heater will do the job comfortable and convenient.

Characteristics soldering kit ZD-972B:

  • Manufacturer: Zhongdi
  • Soldering iron power: 30 W
  • The power of soldering iron: 220 V
  • The handle of the soldering iron: plastic
  • Stand: metal
  • Solder: fusible, 10 g
  • Tip: removable
    Desoldering pump (solder extractor): plastic

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