Telescopic antenna No. 3 metal mounting (5 segments, diameter: 6 mm)

Brand: Китай
Product Code: № 3
106 ₴

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Ensure reliable and high-quality signal reception on your favorite devices with our Universal Telescopic Metal Antenna from WST. This chrome antenna is designed to replace or improve signal reception on a variety of devices including radios, stereos, televisions and remote controls.

Replace your old antenna or improve your device's signal reception with this universal telescopic metal antenna. The variable length allows you to optimize signal reception for radio receivers and provides improved signal reception on TVs.

This antenna is also suitable for improving the sound quality of radios and remote controls. It is easily installed without special tools and ensures stable signal reception regardless of the conditions.

Don't miss the opportunity to get quality signal reception — Buy this Universal Telescopic Metal Antenna from WST today!

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