Hot air guns

Description of the ZD-8907 PORTABLE HAIRDRYER WITH LCD DISPLAY In the set with hair dryer ZD-8907..

2,116 ₴

Hot Zhongdi ZD-510 is intended for heating heat-shrink tubing, warming up objects, removing coatings..
HDR - +100... +650°C/450 Вт;1500 Вт/термофен

1,196 ₴

HDR - +100... +650°C/450 Вт;1500 Вт/термофен
Hot Zhongdi ZD-508 is designed for heating, contactless soldering and firing of various parts. And a..
HDR - +350... +500°C/750 В;1500 Вт/термофен

832 ₴

HDR - +350... +500°C/750 В;1500 Вт/термофен
Hot Zhongdi ZD-509 is designed for heating, contactless soldering and firing of various parts. And a..
HDR - +50... +500°C/150...800 Вт;250...1500 Вт/термофен

876 ₴

HDR - +50... +500°C/150...800 Вт;250...1500 Вт/термофен
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Hot air guns

In the category "Heat guns" on you will find a wide selection of high-quality and reliable hot air guns at affordable prices. A hot air gun is a powerful and versatile piece of equipment that allows you to carry out a variety of shrink work, electronics repair, drying, plastic molding, and more.

Our catalog contains various models of hot air guns with different power, functionality and additional features. You can choose the right hot air gun according to your requirements and tasks.

With us you will find temperature controlled hot air guns that allow you to precisely set the right temperature to suit your project requirements. In addition, some models have additional features such as airflow adjustment, software settings, LCD display and more.

By purchasing a hot air gun at, you can be sure of its quality and reliability. We only work with trusted manufacturers to provide you with top quality equipment.

The price of hot air guns in our catalog is very competitive, which makes them affordable for a wide range of customers. You can compare different models and choose the best value for money.

Do not miss the opportunity to purchase a high-quality hot air gun at an attractive price. Buy a hot air gun at and get a reliable tool for your shrink and other jobs.

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