Wood burners

Burner for wood and leather 10W / 30W ZD-972G set for wood burning with double power setting: 10W..

728 ₴

The ZD-725D burner handle is the ideal choice for precise and professional wood burning work. Here a..

397 ₴

Set for engraving Zhongdi ZD-410B is composed of and cautery replacement tips.The offered scorcher i..
HDR - 220 В/30 Вт/пластик

388 ₴

HDR - 220 В/30 Вт/пластик
With the Zhongdi ZD-707A burning and engraving set, you get a multifunctional tool that can create r..
HDR - 220 V/220 В/30 W/30 Вт/plastic/пластик

319 ₴

HDR - 220 V/220 В/30 W/30 Вт/plastic/пластик
Kit for repairing bumpers, plastic parts H-50: Hot stapler (soldering iron) The hot stapler H-50 ..

836 ₴

The Zhongdi ZD-410A engraving kit is an ideal solution for creative people and craftsmen. The set in..

311 ₴

The ZD-725B engraving and burning set is a versatile tool for creative craftsmen and artists. It con..
Supply voltage - 220 В
Материал рукоятки - пластик
Мощность - 25 Вт;50 Вт

593 ₴

Supply voltage - 220 В
Материал рукоятки - пластик
Мощность - 25 Вт;50 Вт
The Zhongdi ZD-972A burning and engraving set is not only a creative tool, but also a kit available ..

640 ₴

Soldering iron for plastic repair, thermal stapler and hot stapler: Innovative tools for professiona..

772 ₴

The device will interest all lovers pirografii wood and radio Amateurs who are engaged in soldering ..

459 ₴

Soldering station for plastic repair ZD-8905CZD-8905C - a set for repairing plastic elements. Repair..

1,757 ₴

Wood burner zd-8905 from the manufacturer Zhongdi is not just a device for burning, but a whole stat..
Температурный диапазон паяльника - +450... +750°C

1,310 ₴

Температурный диапазон паяльника - +450... +750°C
ZD-507E Hot Cutting Tool - Your Reliable Helper for Cutting Various Materials Tool for hot cuttin..

1,169 ₴

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Wood burners

Affordable woodburning tool suitable for all skill levels, with quick-change tips

Professional wood burners have a higher cost, but the comfort of working with such a burner is greater, but for those who are starting their way in creating paintings on wood, we advise you to buy an inexpensive burner to understand whether this will be the case for you to your liking.

Buy a burner from WST and take your art to the next level with more control over temperature, burn depth and line color

Use special tweezers to remove and replace nibs to avoid damage to nibs or potential injury.

The proposed burners have a temperature range of & nbsp; approx. 150 ° C to 550 ° C; & nbsp; always use the supplied safety pad

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