Burning kit Zhongdi ZD-972G, 10/30W, soldering iron, 26 tips

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Burner for wood and leather 10W / 30W ZD-972G

set for wood burning with double power setting: 10W or 30W. Everything is packed in a practical plastic case as a pyrography kit. The price of a wood and leather burner is not high and the burner is ideal for both personal use and for a gift.

  • Suitable for both enthusiasts and professional users.

  • Large selection of tips for different designs.

  • Dual power settings allow users to perform tasks requiring different temperatures.

  • With a large selection of tips, you can draw different designs from wood, bamboo, and other materials.

The device is used to decorate objects made of wood, leather or cork with a heated tip, which burns out ornaments, drawings, etc. Burnout allows countless ideas to come to life. By purchasing the ZD-972G Burnout Kit, you can decorate many items, such as: kitchen appliances, toys, cassettes, boxes, or also make a sign on the door, bookmarks, decorations, Christmas tree decorations and even paint pictures or portraits. More advanced and gifted people can use a wood burner to create real works of art. If you want a great advantage, you should buy wood burner ZD-972Gand the WST store specialists will help you with this.


Technical characteristics of wood ZD-972Gburner :

  • burner soldering iron ZD-972G wood and leather, pictographic

  • switch:
    ▶ Power 10 W, temperature about 250 °C
    ▶ power 30 W, temperature approx. 400 °C

  • supply voltage: 230 VAC, 50 Hz The

  • kit contains:
    • 1 burning tip
    • 9 hot stamps
    • blade
    holder blade
    • 1 soldering iron tip
    • 5 tools simulating a hot stone.
    • 10 professional tips for engraving

  • power cord length: 1.5 meters

  • Dimensions (length x diameter): 172 x 29 mm

  • soldering iron weight: about 170 g


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