Shipping and Payment

Online store the self is not engaged in the delivery but we work with most of service delivery or you can collect the goods directly from our shop.

More different types of delivery :

New mail

We deliver the ordered goods to the Department of new mail after sending you will be sent a consignment note I in the form of SMS or emails. the goods are insured by agreement with the client or on the full amount if the amount is not specified. for the safety and integrity of packages is the responsibility of managers and storekeepers of new mail .

Please receive goods in the warehouse issuing carefully check the integrity of the product and packaging. in the case of damage to the goods by the carrier we are not responsible for and does not compensate for the cost of this product is directly involved in a logistics company.


  Delivery company one of the leaders in the market of cargo transportation to the warehouse of the company, we will deliver the goods free of charge by sending a further tariff of the carrier. the load will be insurance if the customer did not specify the amount of insurance We always insure for the full cost be careful. Upon receipt of the goods kindly requested to carefully inspect the received packages for damage and missing items. we are responsible for damage to goods carriers and will not compensate its cost.


To the warehouse company intime we deliver absolutely free on further charging on the price of the carrier. upon receipt of the shipment be careful and inspect the goods for damage as the Carrier company undertakes warranty obligations for the safely of the goods During the carriage.

 Be careful!!

Temporarily with Intime we don't work!

Company Intime declared bankrupt!


  One of the oldest carriers in the Ukrainian market delivers the goods, even the most remote villages you have a relatively small tariffs.

with the carrier Ukrposhta we temporarily do not work.



The ordered products always can pick up from our shop where I when you print a check And remember full required documents

pickup Is the most reliable method of sampling the product Where you will be assured of the integrity of the product and its quality


We accept several types of payment, all listed in order:

Cash on delivery

  The easiest and most reliable way to pay for goods directly in the store upon receipt of the goods.

Cash on delivery

Some transport companies support cash on delivery, so you can pay for your goods directly with the company by the carrier.

Please note! We provide cash on delivery only for partial prepayment in the amount of 2% of the order value but not less than 100 UAH.

The payment on the map

today probably the most advanced method of payment Is payment to the Bank card. fill in with the details for payment only After product selection and coordination of all the nuances of the transaction

Payment on account

If you have no opportunity to pay cash and you don't have Bank cards or do not want to make any transaction with her, you can pay for the goods on the account, the account is issued to the buyer after you add the product to cart and checkout.