Cable testers and detectors of hidden wiring

The device for checking and testing RJ45 and RJ11/RJ12, as well as BNC and USB cables is an indispen..

492 ₴

Mastech MS6812 is a reliable and functional tracer designed for finding hidden wiring, detecting bre..

699 ₴

The MS6812 Cable Tracer Tester is a highly effective tool specially designed to locate wire or cable..

526 ₴

Cable locator Mastech MS-6818 is a professional device that helps to identify and analyze various pr..

8,528 ₴

The Mastech MS6813 Cable Tester is a reliable tool for detecting various problems in cable networks ..

1,705 ₴

The Mastech MS6813 Cable Tester is a reliable tool for detecting various problems in cable networks ..

3,001 ₴

UNI-T UT682D is a cable tester that consists of a transmitter and a receiver. It is designed for tra..

1,064 ₴

UNI-T UT681C is not just a cable tester. This is the professional tool you need to test and analyze ..

713 ₴

Cable tester-trace finder NF-308 is a professional tool for testing different types of cables. Char..

2,790 ₴

Cable tester-tracker HS-415 is an indispensable tool for detecting and diagnosing faults in telephon..

561 ₴

The WH806B is a multi-functional tool for finding hidden wires, cable testing and checking the pinou..

763 ₴

The WH806C is a multi-function tracer, including a hidden wire finder and a cable tester designed fo..

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WH806R is a tracer that also functions as a cable tester. It is designed for tracing hidden wiring, ..

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The HDMI cable tester is designed for testing HDMI cables. It detects short circuits, line breaks, w..

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TS75 Concealed Wire and Metal Detector: Reliability and Benefits from WST The TS75 detector present..

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HS-668 is your indispensable tool for testing telephone and computer cables using RJ11 and RJ45 conn..

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The TS78B hidden wiring, metal and wood detector is a reliable tool designed for the non-contact sea..

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UNI-T UT387E is a non-contact voltage, metal and wood indicator designed for use in various types of..

2,583 ₴

The Benetech GM60 cable tester is a multi-functional tool manufactured by Benetech, designed for tes..

910 ₴

The SC6106 Twisted Pair Cable Tester is an indispensable tool for detecting wiring problems, open ci..

1,156 ₴

The SC8108 twisted pair cable tester is an indispensable tool for testing telephone and computer cab..

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NS-488 is your indispensable tool for testing telephone and computer cables using RJ-45 and RJ-11 co..

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Cable testers and detectors of hidden wiring

Cable testers and hidden wiring detectors are specialized devices used to detect, test and diagnose electrical cables and wiring in buildings. They play an important role in working with power supply networks, communication networks and security systems. Here are some key features and applications of cable testers and hidden wiring detectors:

  1. Cable Integrity Check: Cable testers allow you to check the integrity and condition of electrical cables, detect short circuits, breaks and interruptions in the wiring.

  2. Resistance Measurements: These instruments can be used to measure the resistance of a cable, which helps determine if the cable meets specifications and if there are no connection problems.

  3. Finding Wires in Walls: Some cable testers have the function of detecting hidden wires in walls. This is very useful when installing new electrical points or correcting wiring problems.

  4. Ethernet Network Testing: Some cable testers specialize in testing Ethernet networks. They help determine data transfer speeds, detect connection problems, and check for active ports.

  5. Audio and Video Cable Testing: Some models are aimed at testing audio and video cables. They help to check the quality of sound and image and identify possible obstacles.

  6. Determining the Position of the Wires: Some cable testers allow you to determine the exact position of the wires in the cable, which makes it easier to connect them.

  7. Battery and Power Supply Testing: Some models can be used to test batteries and power supplies by measuring voltage and power.

  8. Working with LEDs and IR Detection: Some detectors can detect infrared radiation and LEDs, which helps with security and communication systems.

Cable testers and hidden wiring detectors are important tools for electricians, engineers, installers.

The "Cable testers and detectors of hidden wiring" category on the WST website offers a variety of tools and devices that help in working with electrical wiring and networks. These tools become indispensable assistants for specialists and everyone who deals with electrical installation, repair or searching for hidden cables. A wide selection of testers and detectors allows you to easily and accurately determine the state of wiring, find faults and detect hidden electrical lines.