Soldering irons

The ZD-20K polystyrene cutting set is a professional tool for working with polystyrene or foam. In a..

685 ₴

Description soldering iron ZD-200B for station ZD-98High quality soldering iron ZD-200B for solderin..

213 ₴

Soldering iron-hot tweezers Zhongdi ZD 409 48WTweezers soldering iron ZD-409 - a tool that facilitat..

418 ₴

Impulse soldering iron ZD-507, power 150W. The ZD 507 pulse soldering iron has a power of 150W. T..

447 ₴

Impulse soldering iron ZD-507C, power 150W in a case. The ZD 507C impulse soldering iron has a po..

614 ₴

A soldering iron with a button professional ZD-715L, 300W, 220W.  Features ZD-715L:The type of solde..

1,000 ₴

ZD60 30/70W
Gun ZD-60 30/70W interchangeable tips. The power 30/70 W switch button on the handle of the solderin..

203 ₴

ZD-60 30/70W-E
Soldering iron - gun ZD-60 30 / 70W (Euro plug) with interchangeable tips. Power modes 30/70 W are s..
Вес без подставки - 30/70W

258 ₴

Вес без подставки - 30/70W
ZD60A 30/70W
Gun ZD-60A 30/70W soldering for soldering electronic components, circuits and connectors. Made in th..
Вес без подставки - 30/70W

219 ₴

Вес без подставки - 30/70W
ZD-723B 40W (30-70W)-E
Gun ZD-723B 40W (30-70W) with uses soldering iron tips plug type and is characterized by the presenc..
Soldering iron power - 30-70W
Питание - 220В
Производитель - Zhongdi

240 ₴

Soldering iron power - 30-70W
Питание - 220В
Производитель - Zhongdi
ZD-723B 40W
Gun ZD-723B 40W - a pulse soldering iron for soldering electronic components, circuits and connector..
Вес без подставки - 40W

250 ₴

Вес без подставки - 40W
ZD-723N 40W (25-130W)-E
Gun ZD-723N 40W (25-130W) with a plug is a versatile device that you can use to work with is quite s..
Soldering iron power - 30-130W
Питание - 220В
Производитель - Zhongdi

277 ₴

Soldering iron power - 30-130W
Питание - 220В
Производитель - Zhongdi
Gun ZD-90B 30/70W soldering for soldering electronic components, circuits and connectors. Made in th..
Вес без подставки - 30/70W

202 ₴

Вес без подставки - 30/70W
Baku BK-454
BAKU BK-454 soldering iron with 40W power and the sting of the standard 900M. This soldering iron is..
Soldering iron power - 40W
Питание - 220В
Производитель - BAKU

215 ₴

Soldering iron power - 40W
Питание - 220В
Производитель - BAKU
TLW 100W
Вес без подставки - 100W

299 ₴

Вес без подставки - 100W
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Frequently Asked Questions about Soldering Irons

By far the most cheap soldering iron ZD-29 30W but more popular soldering iron WD-40W and our recommendation the soldering iron ZD-200C 25W

Top 3 popular soldering irons are model ZD-60 30/70W, soldering iron USB ZD-20U 5V 8W and a soldering iron ZD-70D 20W/130W

Soldering bumpers and plastic often buy palnic TLW 500W, but in some cases it is possible to use a less powerful soldering iron. for example, ZD-701 300W

For home use soldering irons of various capacities but can be used as dual-mode soldering iron ZD-70D 20W/130W or the Soldering iron ZD-708 30W (with temperature control)

Soldering irons

A soldering iron is an indispensable tool that is useful in everyday life any master. It is designed for soldering electrical elements, metal or plastic parts. The main part of the device is a sting, as which directly affects the serviceability.

Types of soldering irons

The range of modern shops are a few types of instruments that differ in type heating element:

· The device has a heater made of nichrome spirals. Modern models equipped with sensors that provide for timely shutdown of the spiral.

· Ceramic soldering iron is basically a rods made of ceramic, which are heated under the influence of energized contacts. The main advantages include a high rate of achievement required temperature, the use of intensive, long-term durability.

Type of food:

· Electric soldering requires a connection to a household electrical outlet. Some models can operate offline from the battery or batteries, but a soldering iron on the battery has a small capacity of no more than 15 watts.

· Gas soldering iron – a standalone tool that runs from a gas cylinder, placed inside the handle. The tip of the device is heated from a gas flame.

Depending on the type of heating element:

· Spiral models with thin nichrome wire embedded in a dielectric the material have high thermal transmission.

· Pulse model, inside of which is a pulse electronic transmitter suitable for small and large parts.

· Induction soldering complex circuits, for the heating of the rod which meets the induction coil supporting the temperature in a narrow range.

· Soldering iron with suction, the tip of which includes a through hole, used to clean the tin with planting holes.

How to choose

To buy a soldering iron in Kiev, you should decide on the main parameters of choice:

1. Pay attention to the handle which allows comfortable working and protects from overheating. Optimal option – soldering iron with wooden handle.

2. The power of The device select with regard to the type of work performed. For soldering small parts fairly inexpensive buy a soldering iron with a maximum rating of 25 watts.

3. The function of thermoregulation will adjust the tip temperature for specific conditions.

4. The package of high-quality models includes storage case with a set of stings, cleaning sponge stand.

To buy a soldering iron in Ukraine best price,quite see the range online store WST and choose the right model. Prompt delivery of orders is carried out throughout Ukraine.

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