Soldering Baku BK-454

Brand: Китай
Product Code: Baku BK-454
219 ₴

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BAKU BK-454 soldering iron with 40W power and the sting of the standard 900M. This soldering iron is unique, it has a standard tip 900M making it a versatile instrument. Due to the fact that soldering iron tip 900M has a lot of different kinds of forms and variations, the application increases many times. Also this type of sting, inexpensive and its very easy to find. Especially in our online store. Also the device is equipped with a ceramic heater, which provides a service life ten times.

Soldering iron power 40W
Питание 220В
Производитель BAKU
Тип Вилки Простая вилка
Тип жала 900М
Тип нагревателя Керамический
Тип паяльника Контактный

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