Soldering station

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Soldering station

    The soldering station is a device that can help in the wizard for quick mounting and demounting of electronic components. Soldering stations are different, and if You decide to purchase a soldering station advise to contact the experts shop WST. They are both just with a Hairdryer and a set with a soldering iron, and sometimes with a lab power supply. Simple soldering stations do not have displays showing the temperature or air flow, and already more advanced soldering station can have on Board several displays showing the operation of the station.

Also soldering stations are separated by type of heat, they are hot air heating, infrared and induction.

Classification of soldering stations.

Soldering stations are classified according to several parameters, consider them:

The first classification I control type soldering station they are:

  • analog;
  • digital.

    Analog soldering stations are controlled mainly by the resistor and operate on the principle of upper and lower limit heating. When heating of the heating element with the temperature sensor readings is removed and upon reaching a predetermined temperature electronics turns off power supply to the heater when the temperature drops to the specified limit again heater is switched on and maintained at a constant temperature of soldering tip or the air flow from the dryer.

    Digital soldering station most often are operated with buttons and heating is controlled by the firmware, hard-wired into the processor and this type of control is more accurate.

The second classification involves the purpose of the station And distributed by type:

  • Assembly station;
  • desoldering station.

Here everything very simple - Assembly station used for installation of radio, though often craftsmen use them to dismantle small elements but they are absolutely not fit for dismantling mnogoserijnyj chips. Mounting soldering stations are in greater demand than demolition, but the conditions of the repair shop often, one Assembly station is not enough.

Desoldering station names speak for themselves - they are designed for disassembly of electronic components. Often, they represent a mounting table on which fixed fee, and fixed on tripod infrared or hot-air dryer.

The third classification indicates the completeness of the station and contains three types:

  1. soldering station with a Hairdryer (hot air);
  2. soldering station with soldering iron;
  3. combined soldering station.

    Soldering station with a Hairdryer — this is a simple station that includes only a Hairdryer. Most often, such a station buy people who already have a soldering iron, but not enough for hot air dryer.

    Soldering station with soldering iron is one of the easiest types of FF soldering station and for the most part it's just a soldering iron, but with precise adjustment and temperature control of the heating tip of the soldering iron.

    Combined soldering station is a complex of diverse components most often is a hair dryer and a soldering iron, but are often found in the composition of the soldering station, measuring instruments and laboratory power supplies.

Choice of the soldering station.

    Often buyers give up What soldering station to buy from a wide selection in online store WST. It's pretty simple you can for advice contact our specialist or to gather together All the necessary properties for soldering station, you will need to work well.and. already well.and. based on these data to Pick out the best option.

When choosing a soldering station should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. heating element type
  2. power station
  3. airflow power station
  4. The heating rate
  5. The range of operating temperatures
  6. the ergonomics of the soldering iron or hair dryer
  7. Voltage
  8. Availability of spare parts and consumables.


    All of the above properties and specifications soldering stations every day are supplemented by, but do not forget that the specialists of our store “House of ham” will help you to buy soldering station at the best value.