Hot air soldering station Zhongdi ZD-8908, 700W, 160...480°C

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD8908
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Zhongdi ZD-8908 Soldering Station: Simple and Effective

Carrying out precise assembly work on the board requires a reliable tool base, and the Zhongdi ZD-8908 soldering station is an ideal choice for this task. This hot air soldering station is designed for mounting standard components and is characterized by ease of use and high efficiency.

Features of Zhongdi ZD-8908:

  1. LED Display: The soldering station is equipped with a bright LED display that clearly shows the current heating temperature, allowing you to easily monitor the soldering process.

  2. Automatic Temperature Regulation: Thanks to the function of automatic temperature regulation, you can be sure that the station maintains the desired temperature throughout the soldering process.

  3. Standby Mode: The standby function makes this station extremely convenient. When the soldering iron is lifted, the station automatically activates the working mode, and when it is returned to the holder, it turns on the standby mode, which contributes to safety and energy saving.

Technical Specifications Zhongdi ZD-8908:

  • Temperature range: From +100°C to +500°C.
  • Power: 300 W for quick heating and maintaining a stable temperature.
  • Power supply voltage: 220 V, compatible with the standard electrical network.


The kit for the Zhongdi ZD-8908 soldering station includes a stand for the soldering iron for ease of operation and a user manual for beginners and professionals.

With Zhongdi ZD-8908, you will always have a reliable assistant for professional assembly work and component soldering. Rely on this station to make your tasks easier and more efficient.

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