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1,004 ₴

Holder for circuit boards (third hand) ZD-10F will help to carry out soldering during the Assembly o..

168 ₴

Mounting stand, PCB holder ZD-11E Allows mounting boards up to 200 mm long. 360 ° adju..

274 ₴

The manipulator third hand ZD-10R is applied when carrying out soldering and Assembly work. Designed..

206 ₴

Soldering iron stand small, ZD-11D is a universal solution for the organization of the workplace in ..

21 ₴

The ZD-10K soldering iron stand is made of 110g die-casting, so it is resistant to heavier soldering..

258 ₴

STAND FOR SOLDERING IRON WITH TIP CLEANINGbase is ZD-10WThe made of high-strength 304 steel. The cla..

263 ₴

The ZD-11 round universal stand is suitable for soldering irons Yihua, Aoyue, PT, Zhaoxin, and many ..

21 ₴

Stand for BGA soldering ZD-11F (included without a station) is designed for use in repair purposes, ..

9,762 ₴

The ZD-10 stand is designed to place the tool during breaks in work so that it does not lie on the t..

118 ₴

Metal stand for ZD-10B soldering iron with a sponge for cleaning the tip The stand is universal..

62 ₴

Universal stand for soldering iron ZD-10C is a reliable and convenient auxiliary tool in soldering. ..

189 ₴

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    Associated equipment - what lies in these two words, sometimes we don't even realize what the associated equipment. And this is what helps us in solving those or other problems, and in our case, the equipment refers to the equipment that helps us in soldering the electronic components.

    We're a little limited to broad match on the phrase “Associated equipment” before applying it to the soldering iron and soldering stations. In our case, the related equipment includes a variety of stands and holders, lenses, possibly, tweezers.

    In more detail, with an assortment of related equipment can be found on site wst. Store Professionals are qualified to advise and help You buy the right equipment from a wide range offered in the store “House of ham”.For regular customers always low price full range of equipment and as always in the purchase price, without fail, include advice and recommendations on the use of

    Associated equipment for soldering irons and soldering stations are divided into several categories, which should be considered when choosing.The greater the functionality of the equipment and it is above its cost, that is the choice you have to determine the appropriate set of tools, perhaps with a small margin, and asked to choose the desired tool.

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