Flexible holder ZD-11M-1 with stand for soldering

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD-11M-1
534 ₴

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Holder "Third hand" flexible ZD-11M-1 is an advanced tool designed to make your small parts machining and soldering tasks easier. This flexible holder allows you to comfortably and accurately work with various objects, ensuring a reliable fixation and an optimal working angle.

Features of the "Third Hand" holder flexible ZD-11M-1:

  • Solder stand: The integrated stand allows you to conveniently place the soldering iron, which supports comfortable and safe work with solder.

  • Board and parts holder: Four flexible metal crocodile arms help securely hold boards, wires or other small parts, allowing you to work freely with both hands.

  • Built-in chip and sponge for cleaning the tip: The holder comes with a handy tool for removing solder residue from the soldering iron tip, as well as a sponge for cleaning it, which maintains the quality of the soldering.

  • Flexibility and adjustability: The holder has flexible metal arms that can be adjusted to ensure the optimal position of the parts.

This flexible "Third Hand" holder Zhongdi's flexible ZD-11M-1 is an excellent auxiliary tool for jobs that require precision and control. You can buy it at the WST store, which has an affordable price and a wide selection of professional tools.

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