Flexible holder ZD-11M

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD-11M
394 ₴

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The ZD-11M board holder is an excellent tool designed for convenient and precise holding of boards and small parts during work. With its help, you will be able to ensure a stable and safe position of objects, which will greatly facilitate your tasks.

Characteristics of the ZD-11M flexible board holder:

  • Flexible metal design: The flexible design allows you to easily adjust the position of the holder for optimal access and comfort while working. You will be able to quickly and accurately place boards and parts in the right position.

  • Rubberized legs: The holder is equipped with rubberized legs that ensure stable fixation on the work surface. This allows you to avoid non-ferrous movements and incidents.

  • Alligator clips: Soft-coated clips ensure a secure hold of the board or part without damaging it. They can easily fix objects of different sizes and shapes, allowing you to work freely.

  • Dimensions of the base: The base of the holder has dimensions of 180 x 190 mm, which provides stable support and an area for placing objects.

  • Length of the clip holder: The total length of the clip holder is 270 mm, which makes it quite compact and convenient to use.

The ZD-11M board holder will help you ensure efficient and accurate work with boards and parts, ensuring stable fixation and comfortable position of objects. You can buy this holder at the WST store at an affordable price and get a reliable assistant in your work.

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