Ningbo Zhongdi Industry & amp; Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of soldering irons, temperature-controlled soldering stations, blow dryers, glue guns, magnifying lamps, power tool kits and more. We have been working in the soldering industry for over 20 years.

Due to the persistent adherence to the faith & quot; Quality is excellent, customers above all; & nbsp; Strengthen management, excel best & quot ;, we have been able to develop into a 10,000 square meter company that produces products worth 10 million US dollars per year for customers from more than 50 countries.

Patented Products: Our professional R&D team of 8 members offers many new products each year. & nbsp; So far, we have developed more than 30 patented products that bring our customers good sales benefits. their market.

Well-trained staff: we have implemented a management system & laquo; 6S & raquo; (namely, SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETU, SHITSUKE, SECURITY) at our plant to regulate our management in the workshop. & nbsp; By conducting training sessions for our employees twice a month, our factory workers have significantly improved their skills and improved understanding. the importance of quality, which in turn ensured the quality of our products.

Professional and attentive service: we have a productive and efficient team specializing in international trade. & nbsp; They offer everything in one service, from the beginning of quotation, production of P / I, production process, to the organization delivery, financial transfers, and after-sales service, which is very necessary and important for the business of electronic tools.

Visiting fairs and conferences: ZHONGDI are regular participants in the spring and autumn HK Electronic and Cantonese fairs. & nbsp; We attach great importance to such fairs and consider them as a window and intermediary to show our new products to our customers and we also see this as a valuable opportunity to meet our clients face-to-face for closer communication and communication.

Strict adherence to confidential rules: although we strive to look for advanced product design as we are, we strictly adhere to general confidential rules, ie we do not copy customer illustrations, do not sculpt customer products, do not buy customer items from any third party & nbsp; We do the same when our customers ask us to develop new products for them. & nbsp; Our customers can always trust us. & nbsp;

& laquo; So far so good, but better & ndash; better & raquo ;, As a 20-year-old reliable business partner for our customers, we deeply understand that only by offering better products with better service than our competitors can we move forward at a steady pace. & nbsp; ZHONGDI warmly welcome to work with friends around the world !

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