Tool for crimping, Stripping and cutting cable

Tool (HT-200R) is designed for crimping connectors 10p10c, 8p8c, 6p6c, 4p4c and Stripping and Stripp..
HDR - 10p10c;8p8c;6p6c;4p4c/есть/обжимной;для зачистки

394 ₴

HDR - 10p10c;8p8c;6p6c;4p4c/есть/обжимной;для зачистки
Crimp tool for manual crimping of compression connectors F, BNC, RCA coaxial cable types RG-59, RG-6..
HDR - F;BNC;RCA/RG-59;RG-6/нет/обжимной

665 ₴

HDR - F;BNC;RCA/RG-59;RG-6/нет/обжимной
Crimp tool for manual crimping of the connectors F, BNC, RCA coaxial cable types RG-59, RG-6. Swage ..
HDR - F;BNC;RCA/RG-59;RG-6/нет/обжимной

326 ₴

HDR - F;BNC;RCA/RG-59;RG-6/нет/обжимной
Crimping tool HT-N568R designed to crimp RJ-45 connectors, RJ11(6p4c), RJ-11(6p2c) and RJ-12. And al..
HDR - 8p8c;6p4c;6p2c;6p6c/есть/нет/обжимной;для зачистки

231 ₴

HDR - 8p8c;6p4c;6p2c;6p6c/есть/нет/обжимной;для зачистки
Crimp pliers (HT-N5684P1) "Hanlong" is designed for manual crimping of connectors 3 1 "economic", RJ..
HDR - 8p8c;6p4c;6p6c;4p4c;4p2c/витая пара/нет/обжимной;для зачистки

371 ₴

HDR - 8p8c;6p4c;6p6c;4p4c;4p2c/витая пара/нет/обжимной;для зачистки
CLAMP FOR CABLE ENDS 0.25-6mm² HEXTool HSC8 6-6 need to crimp terminals with simple and double-insul..

816 ₴

Crimp pliers (HT-568) "Hanlong" is designed for manual crimping of RJ-45 connectors, RJ-11..
HDR - 8p8c;6p2c;6p4c;6p6c/витая пара/нет/обжимной;для зачистки

412 ₴

HDR - 8p8c;6p2c;6p4c;6p6c/витая пара/нет/обжимной;для зачистки
Tool HT-022 is designed for crimping connectors 8p8c, 6p6c, 4p4c, and Stripping and Stripping teleph..
HDR - 6p4c;6p6c;8p8c/есть/обжимной;для зачистки

1,186 ₴

HDR - 6p4c;6p6c;8p8c/есть/обжимной;для зачистки
Dupont ratchet crimping tool or SN-01BMcrimping tool This Dupont crimping tool is suitable for the f..

689 ₴

Crimping tool SN-02BM pliers for crimping non-insulated terminals on wire 20-28 AWG. Suitable for XH..

1,076 ₴

Ratchet crimping tool or crimping tool SN-06WFThis ratchet crimping press, pliers or just crimping t..

507 ₴


973 ₴

Crimp pliers (HT-336C) "Hanlong" is designed for manual crimping of the connectors F, BNC, TNC, SMA,..
HDR - F;BNC;TNC;SMA;FME;N/RG-59;RG-58;RG-62;RG-6/нет/обжимной

579 ₴

HDR - F;BNC;TNC;SMA;FME;N/RG-59;RG-58;RG-62;RG-6/нет/обжимной
Ratchet Crimping Tools or SN-28BCrimping Pliers This ratchet crimping press, pliers or simply SN-28B..

507 ₴

Ratchet Crimping Tools or SN-48B Crimping Pliers This ratchet crimping press, pliers or simply SN..

507 ₴

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Tool for crimping, Stripping and cutting cable

Crimper, crimper, crimping, stripper cable without these devices it will be practically impossible to do their job the installer networking information. In order to choose the right equipment for crimping or trimming of the cable and not to buy counterfeit, you need to take into account the advice of professionals on the Internet shop WST.

Crimper is a compression tool used to swage wires when wiring.

Crimping pliers help to ensure a tight connection between the electric wire and the tip. Visually they are similar to pliers, but have a raised matrix that fit a variety of diameter and shape of the crimping elements.

The stripper helps to remove insulation from wires and clean wires during wiring operations.

Features choice of tool for crimping and Stripping


If the crimping tool and cable stripper is easy, then, in its manufacture was used a sufficiently strong metal. After a while this "helper" will not cope with the tasks, begin to pressurize the connection, to require a second clip and in the end will simply cease to function.

The main enemy of quality crimping tool for connector binding and backlash. If you have similar difficulties in the unclamping or compression, there will be a shift that will eventually lead to poor crimping.

For crimping lugs and other elements of the device should be symmetric. If you look closely at the Krimmer good quality, you can see that all of its elements not misaligned and aligned. Handles of high quality equipment for crimping the twisted pair should be located identically with respect to the design of the tool.

Any tool for Stripping and cutting or clamping should be comfortable in the process. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention on:

· its scale;

· deepenings for fingers;

· the size of handles and other characteristics.

Professionals store "House of ham" suggest to take the stripper for Stripping of cable or other equipment in hand, take a few test sweeps and make sure that the selected model fits and rests comfortably in the hand, never rubs, not too bulky and easy to use

Please note that you will have to use it for a long time, therefore select the wrong tool can cause discomfort.

The main difference between all crimp tools is their functionality. In addition, there are two kinds of tools, according to the location type crimp connector – vertical and horizontal. Please note that upon purchase, the equipment must be easy to use.




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