Side cutters 5” 125mm R'Deer RT-A15 Japan

Product Code: RT-A15
178 ₴

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R'Deer RT-A15 Japan 5" (125mm) Side Cutters are a quality tool that meets high standards of quality and precision. They are designed for precise and reliable cutting of wires, darts and other materials.

Main characteristics of side cutters R'Deer RT-A15 Japan:

  • Size: These cutters are 5 inches (125 mm) long, making them easy to work with and carry.

  • High quality material: They are made of high quality steel, which ensures the strength and durability of the tool.

  • Japanese quality: R'Deer products have a good reputation for high quality and reliability.

These side cutters are available for purchase at the WST store. Get them at a great price to get a reliable tool for a variety of jobs.

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