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Soldering equipment
Satellite receivers

Antennas, Soldering irons, satellite tuner - Ham radio house.

Product – this category also home industrial equipment, appliances which operate with the use of a galvanic feeding or are intended to transfer the stabilization of current. Easier expressing this without exception devices, which so or on another integrated with power supply also have a big impact in the electroplating line in the rooms of the buildings.

Such industrial products are able to provide each shopping centre electrical goods, but not all without exception belong seriously to the control of the manufacturer. Since all, without exception, that belongs to elektrotovrami, has contact with a current of considerable force, similar devices are required to proceed painstaking control properties. In our network the online shopping Mall You will be able to find the most harmless are also the highest quality versions with the best manufacturers – KEBO, ZD, Expert Glue, Taiwan, EuroFix well as many other. These brands are also familiar in Kiev, also in the whole Ukraine.

I recommend very few industrial products, which need for each apartment in each building. To him belong vyzhigatel according to the log, a glue special equipment, stabilizers inverters also efforts. The price of any of them is in dependence from the list of possibilities is also a destination, but our cost can not be beat according to Your wallet. To choose the desired device You will be able, sending interest also in gradation areas of energy: up to Twenty-Five watts, a 26 - Sixty-W, 61 - a Hundred watts, Hundred watts is also the most. To purchase each elektrotovary You will be able at wholesale prices in retail.

Need separately to note about these devices, as well as stabilizers inverters efforts. Stand out uses not only the Capital, where every period there are changes in the bonds of a large number of people use electricity, however, all PoA.

Stabilizers forces – this special device, equipped with input access according to the stress. It is based stabilisation efforts in supply networks, protection of electrical technical industrial equipment with surges of effort high or high degree. They differ in relatively minor cost. Your Internet shopping Mall gives similar devices as well as at wholesale prices, thus also in retail.

Converters effort is the equipment which produce a specific set the tension of feeding. They carry out functions of transformation, regulation, but in some cases the stabilization efforts in the bonds. To buy a similar product to these, exactly who possesses a large number of technical appliances also often applies. Pre-need poryskat in response to the optimal view. If you did not manage to find that, in this case, it is required your expert will be able to help You select the product they want, the cost of which You organize.