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Cable 5.5*2.5 мм
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Cable 4.0*1.35*12 мм
92 ₴
Cable 8.0 pin
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Cable 6.5 pin
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Soldering equipment
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Antennas, soldering irons, flashlights - House of the radio amateur.

Welcome to - your best online store for electronics and tools. We carry a wide range of products including soldering irons, antennas, flashlights, testers, and power supplies to meet your repair needs, electronics and more.

Our soldering irons are reliable and efficient tools for repairing electronics. We have other models including professional soldering irons with precise temperature control and compact portable soldering irons for home use. Regardless of your experience level, you'll find a soldering iron that fits your needs.

With our antennas, you will have access to a better signal for your TVs and radios. We offer different types of antennas, including indoor and outdoor models with signal amplification. You can enjoy high quality signal reception and crystal clear sound.

Our flashlights are an indispensable tool for any situation. From compact pocket-sized models for full use to powerful flashlights with additional features such as adjustable brightness and beam focus, you can find a light that meets your lighting needs in any context.

Our testers are completely for you to measure and check various parameters of electronics and devices. We have a wide selection of testers including multimeters, logic analyzers, cable testers and more. You can accurately diagnose problems, measure voltage, current and resistance to ensure your appliances are running efficiently.

Our power supplies provide stable and uninterrupted power for your electronic devices. We offer different models with different output parameters including voltage and amperage to meet your power needs.

Order soldering irons, antennas, flashlights, testers, and power supplies in the "House of radio amateur" store right now. Our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, which guarantees your satisfaction with your purchase. Our team is always ready to provide you with professional advice and support. Trust us with your electronic needs and get quality solutions from!