Battery charger Suoer SON-1206D 12V CHARGER

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The quick charger SON-1206D for 12V car battery is the ideal solution for fast and efficient charging of your car battery. This device provides reliable charging of various types of batteries, including AGM, gel, LiFePO4 and starter batteries.

Technical characteristics

  • Maximum charge current: 5-6 A
  • Power supply: 110 - 240 V
  • Battery voltage: 12 V
  • Recommended battery capacity: 12 - 100 Ah
  • Charging Mode: Uses PWM charging mode and automatically stops charging when the battery reaches full charge.
  • Real-time LCD display: Displays battery voltage, current capacity and charging current for convenient monitoring.
  • Auto battery detection: The device recognizes the battery type and adjusts the charging parameters accordingly.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for gel, lead-acid, AGM, LiFePO4 and starter batteries.
  • Shock and vibration resistance: SAEJ1378
  • Operating ambient temperature: from -20°C to +90°C
  • Dimensions: 168 x 78 x 62 mm
  • Weight: 0.32 kg

Advantages of using Suoer SON-1206D

  1. Versatility: Suitable for different types of batteries, providing efficient charging.
  2. Reliability: High resistance to shocks and vibrations according to the SAEJ1378 standard.
  3. Wide operating temperature range: Works in conditions from -20°C to +90°C, making it reliable in various climatic conditions.
  4. Compact and lightweight: Due to its small size and weight, the device is easy to carry and use.
  5. Automatic settings: Recognizes battery type and automatically adjusts charging settings.
  6. Fluid Loss Protection: Prevents battery fluid loss, ensuring long life.
  7. LCD display: Displays important information about battery charging, making the process controlled and convenient.

Charging modes

  1. DC mode: When the battery voltage is lower than the set value, the charger provides DC current to charge the battery.
  2. Constant Voltage Mode: Uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology to control the charging current and output voltage of the charger, allowing the battery to reach full charge and prevent overvoltage.
  3. Floating charging mode: When the battery voltage approaches the value of the constant voltage mode, the charging current gradually decreases to the set level. This indicates that the battery is fully charged. At this point, the pilot LED turns green and the fan stops working. The charger automatically switches to floating charge mode, which allows you to maintain the battery or complete the charge.

Additional features

  • Low and high input voltage protection: Ensures safe operation by protecting the battery from damage.
  • Overheating protection: Prevents the device from overheating during prolonged use.
  • Overload Protection: Provides stable operation and protection against overloads.
  • Auto restart: Turns on the device after normal operating conditions are restored.

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