Power supplies and converters

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Power supplies and converters

A power supply is a kind of electronic device designed to power an electronic device or some kind of electrical circuit. In our daily life, power supplies surround us everywhere. Even if we call them quite differently, for example, a charger for a mobile phone, it is also a kind of power supply unit for operating and charging a mobile phone. 

But the power supply is not necessarily characterized precisely as an external unit, it can be an integral part of the motherboard and built into the device, or it can be, for example, part of a chandelier and hidden from human sight. Also railway. the power supply is a voltage converter, either a step-up or a step-down voltage. For example, in different countries the voltage of the network may differ and in order to adapt the device to a different network, voltage converters are just needed. 

Types of power supplies. 

The main two types of power supplies are switching power supplies and transformer power supplies, and we will dwell on them a little.

Transformer power supplies are quite easy to distinguish from pulse ones, since they have preferably an impressive weight, and after looking carefully at the power supply itself, it will consist mainly of a transformer having impressive dimensions, and depending on whether we need AC or DC voltage, it will be supplemented by rectifier circuits ... 

Switching power supplies are very compact and lightweight The switching power supply circuit also has a transformer, but it is usually very small in size and light in weight. 

Good transformer power supplies will be wound with copper wire, but the price of such a power supply will be quite high. Switching power supplies have a significant price advantage since they do not include a large amount of copper in their circuit diagram, which is quite expensive nowadays. 

Purpose of the power supply and converters. 

The main purpose of the power supply unit of the converters is naturally to enable the device to work without accumulators and batteries. Here we will just consider the options for different power supplies and converters. 

We must clearly understand that there is no single power supply for all our devices that we use. You cannot buy one power supply or converter and use it to power all of our home or work appliances or devices. In fact, each device must have its own power supply. In addition to the fact that the power supplies may have different plugs for connecting to the equipment, since the power supplies are still designed for different voltages and different powers, which should be taken into account when choosing the power source you need. If you are in doubt about the choice of the power supply you need, the specialists of the "House of the radio amateur" store will gladly help you buy the power supply you need, in terms of voltage and power. 

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