Router cable - USB step-up adapter - 5V to 12V 2A DC 5.5x2.1mm

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Provide reliable and efficient power to your router or other device that requires 12V voltage, even when removed from standard power sources. Our USB - 5V to 12V adapter solves this problem, allowing you to increase the voltage from the USB port of your device to the required 12V level.

This adapter is used only in USB ports for fast charging.

Main characteristics:

  • Cable type: Step-up adapter
  • Input voltage: 5V (from USB port)
  • Output voltage: 12V (DC)
  • Maximum current: 2A
  • Output connector: 5.5x2.1 mm
  • Purpose: For fast charging
  • Compatibility: Suitable for routers and other devices requiring 12V voltage


  1. Voltage Boost: Boosts the voltage from 5V (USB) to 12V (DC), allowing you to power devices that require a higher voltage.
  2. Maximum power: Up to 2 amps.
  3. Use in fast charging ports: The adapter works only in USB fast charging ports for the most efficient power and charging of devices.
  4. Convenience of use: Connects to a USB port, which makes it universal and easy to use.
  5. Reliability: Made of quality materials that ensure stable operation and durability.


Ideal for powering routers, network devices, lamps, TVs, monitors, as well as other electronic devices that require a stable 12V voltage. This can be useful in situations where the availability of standard power sources is limited or remote.


The cable for the router works from almost any power bank with fast charging, as it is equipped with a special controller that increases the voltage to the required level. Compatible with most models of Wi-Fi routers and ONU terminals (GPON), as well as any other devices with appropriate parameters. Simple connection without additional settings: the USB plug is inserted into the Powerbank, and the DC plug into the device to be requested (router, modem, terminal). It is recommended to select a cable with characteristics that match the device. Usually, the required voltage of the device is indicated on the bottom panel of the device in the Input field.

You can buy a super powerful USB step-up adapter - 5V to 12V 2A DC 5.5x2.1mm in the WST store.


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