The ZD552A Solder Suction is a reliable and efficient replacement suction gun specially designed for..

913 ₴

Desoldering pump (solder extractor) ZD-108K are made of quality plastic. Used to remove surplus or e..

170 ₴

Desoldering pump (solder extractor) ZD-809T made of high quality plastic with antistatic properties...

97 ₴

ZD210 40W
Electric tin extractor ZD-210, 40W, is an indispensable tool for removing excess metal solder and fl..

243 ₴

Piston desoldering pump ZD-192 with all-metal housing with a length of 195 mm. Equipped with reservo..

119 ₴

Piston desoldering pump ZD-192A with all-metal housing with a length of 195 mm. Equipped with reserv..

145 ₴

Piston desoldering pump ZD-194 length 195 mm. Equipped with a reservoir for the removed solder. Weig..

145 ₴

The ZD-190 pump tin extractor, also known as a solder extractor, is an indispensable tool for removi..

80 ₴

Pump action desoldering pump ZD-208, plastic is designed to remove solder, when soldering or wipika ..

82 ₴

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A desoldering pump is a device designed to remove solder, the method of creating a vacuum in the place where you want to clear the Board from the solder. Rovatsos come with heater and without, and can be mechanical or soldering station, with built-in vacuum compressor. In a large range rovatsos online-store WST and at a low price.

The principle of operation of the pump, the rarefaction of air, accompanied by the removal of the solder, the solder must be molten. WhatsApp-equipped heaters work much easier as when you touch the pads, the heater melts the solder and pressing the button of the piston or the vacuum easily removes solder. in models not equipped with a heating element first, first you need a soldering iron to melt the solder And only after that already to apply suction.

Mechanical suction has a simple design and consists of flask, to collect the solder, which is a movable piston that creates a vacuum of air under the action of tension spring, and tip. In models with a heater near the tip still is the heater warming the tip to the melting temperature of the solder.

Station for sucking solder has a slightly more complex structure and consists of a control unit, which is a vacuum compressor and the control unit of the heater tip and the vacuum gun, which in turn consists of a tip with a heater, a vacuum chamber, which serves to collect the solder, and stick with a trigger to activate the vacuum.

Buy desoldering pump recommend to all who has been repairing electronics since it greatly simplifies the work associated with cleaning pads from solder. Internet-shop “House of ham” rovatsos have high quality and low cost.

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