Desoldering pump (solder extractor) ZD-108K

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD108K
170 ₴

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Desoldering pump (solder extractor) ZD-108K are made of quality plastic. Used to remove surplus or excess solder and flux, which are formed in the process of soldering or desoldering the electronic components. Represents the classic way - a cylindrical tube mounted inside it duportail pusher and retainer. The principle of operation is different from the conventional syringe. Convenient and intelligent design (dimensions) allows to work with one hand. Plastic shell anti-static, easily disassembled for maintenance (lubrication and cleaning). Tip for removing the solder is made of Teflon, having antistatic and protivomikrobnye properties. Tip diameter - 3 mm.

Features desoldering pump ZD-108K:

  • Reinforced spring;
  • Total length 33.5 cm;
  • Vacuum system with high sparsity;
  • Minimal recoil.

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