Pump action desoldering pump ZD-190

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD190
80 ₴

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The ZD-190 pump tin extractor, also known as a solder extractor, is an indispensable tool for removing excess or residual metal solder and flux that is formed during the installation or disassembly of radio elements. This device has the form of a cylindrical tube, inside which a piston with a lock is located. During use, due to the creation of a discharge, it works similar to a syringe, which allows you to easily remove excess solder.

Features of tin suction ZD-190:

  • Easy to use: Thanks to its design, the tin extractor is easy to use with one hand.

  • Metal body: The body of the tin extractor is made of metal, in particular aluminum, which ensures durability and reliability.

  • Antistatic tip: An antistatic tip with a diameter of 3.2 mm, made of high-temperature Teflon, is used to collect excess solder.

  • Cleaning rod: A special cleaning rod in the tin suction helps to automatically remove solder residues after each use, which prevents clogging of the channel and ensures efficient operation of the tool.

The ZD-190 tin vacuum pump is an indispensable assistant in soldering work, ensuring cleanliness and quality of installation. You can buy this tin puller at the WST store, which offers a wide selection of tools and equipment for soldering and repair work.

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