Soldering iron ZD-70DA button and power adjustment (20-130W)

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD70DA(20-130W)
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Soldering iron ZD-70DA is a powerful and reliable tool for soldering various components and wires. Thanks to its power, this soldering iron can easily handle large components and soldering tasks.

Features of the ZD-70DA soldering iron:

  1. Power switch button: This soldering iron is equipped with a button that allows you to change the power from 20 W to 130 W. This makes it possible to adapt it to various soldering tasks.

  2. Ceramic heater: The ceramic heater provides fast and stable heating, which allows you to quickly melt the soldering material and perform soldering efficiently.

  3. Protective cap: The soldering iron has a protective cap that helps to protect the heating element and keep the soldering iron in a safe condition during rest.

Technical characteristics of the soldering iron ZD-70DA:

  • Supply voltage: 220 V

  • Power: 20 W (min) - 130 W (max)

  • Heating element: ceramic

  • Protective cap: present

This soldering iron is a reliable tool for your workplace. You can buy ZD-70DA soldering iron from WST store, which will provide high quality product and service.

Soldering iron power 20-130W
Питание 220В
Производитель Zhongdi
Тип Вилки Простая вилка
Тип жала N1
Тип нагревателя Керамический
Тип паяльника Контактный

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