Gas soldering iron DZ-70901

Brand: ProWest
Product Code: DZ-70901
515 ₴

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Gas soldering iron DZ-70901. A useful tool for soldering where it is not easy to work with classic soldering irons. Suitable for heating, cutting and liquefying materials.

The Zhongdi DZ-70901 portable gas soldering iron is designed for manual installation of radio elements and does not require power supply. It can also be used not only as a soldering iron, but also as a burner, hot knife, cutting machine, depending on the task. The main feature of the device is the operation of a gas filling mixture. It is convenient to use it when there is no way to connect to the network. The package includes two replaceable nozzles. Heating is carried out in less than 15 seconds.

Ideal for emergency electronics repairs, melting and softening various items while traveling or at the workplace.

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