Gas soldering iron DZ-70901

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Zhongdi DZ-70901 Portable Gas Soldering Iron: Your Reliable Assistant

DZ-70901 gas soldering iron is an indispensable tool for work where it is difficult to work with ordinary electric soldering irons. This portable gas soldering iron from Zhongdi will be your reliable assistant during the manual installation of radio elements and many other tasks.

The main advantages of the DZ-70901 gas soldering iron:

1. Portability: One of the main advantages is that this soldering iron does not need to be connected to an electrical network. It runs on a gas fuel mixture, which makes it ideal for use where there is no access to electricity.

2. Versatility: The DZ-70901 soldering iron is not only for soldering, but also for various tasks such as softening, cutting and thinning of materials. This makes it an indispensable tool for various jobs.

3. Fast heating: The soldering iron takes less than 15 seconds to heat up, allowing you to get started quickly and efficiently.

4. Additional nozzles: Two interchangeable nozzles are included in the delivery, which expand the possibilities of using the soldering iron for different tasks.

Zhongdi DZ-70901 Portable Gas Soldering Iron is ideal for emergency electronics repair, travel or workplace use. It will also become your reliable assistant for soldering where it is difficult to provide power supply.

Let this gas soldering iron become an integral part of your toolkit and always be ready to help you in various situations. Buy it now at the WST store at an affordable price and be sure of the quality and reliability of your tool.

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