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STRONG 12-element TV antenna for receiving DVB-T / T2 "Beta-16S"

Digital terrestrial antenna Beta-16S is a device designed to receive terrestrial channels that are hung from a TV tower in the DVB-T / T2 standard. The antenna is made of aluminum, which makes it possible to make the service life of the antenna very long. 

The T2 Beta-16S terrestrial antenna is 1 m long and has 12 structural elements. and the antenna is designed in such a way that it can be used both with a matching board (in a passive version) and with an amplifier, which makes the digital antenna universal with the ability to receive signals both at close range and at long distances. WST The store will help you choose the amplifier to the antenna is,If you need a long-range reception 

Due to the large size and a narrow radiation pattern of the antenna Beta-16S is considered external and is recommended for installation on masts and brackets outdoors. 

What do you need to receive and watch T2 TV?

To watch T2 TV, you need to do just a few steps:

  1. buy an antenna

  2. buy a T2 tuner

  3. connect and point the T2 antenna at the tower

  4. scan T2 channels if it was not done in the store 

Sometimes buying an antenna is a whole quest that requires basic knowledge of signal reception. For buyers of our store "House of radio amateurs" there is always a free consultation on the selection of the necessary antenna and accessories for them. 


  • - Working channels: 21-69 TV

  • - Operating range: 470-862 MHz

  • - Max gain: 11 dBi

  • - P / T attenuation: 12-26 dB

  • - Impedance: 300 Ohm

  • - Package weight: 0.70 kg ...

  • - Length: 100 cm.

  • - Execution: AL

  • - Packing: polyethylene.

  • - Standing wave ratio: 1.1 - 3

The antenna is sold WITHOUT an amplifier!

The price of the external digital antenna Beta-16S includes everything you need to connect the antenna to the cable, but does not include power supplies or an injector. Pay attention to this when buying an antenna!

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