Digital terrestrial receiver Romsat TR-9100HD (discount)

Brand: Romsat
Product Code: TR9100HD
368 ₴

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Digital terrestrial DVB-T2 receiver Romsat TR-9100HD with a sensitive tuner.

The best Ukrainian choice

The receiver is designed specifically for the Ukrainian market, taking into account all the features of the domestic T2 network. It's an affordable model that's easy to plug in and use.

Built-in media player and video recorder

In addition to watching digital TV, use the receiver as a personal media center. Romsat TR-9100HD can play videos, play music and open photos. Record and watch your favorite TV programs and movies at any time. Save recorded content to an external hard drive or USB flash drive. Since video is recorded in digital format, your own video archive will be of impeccable quality.

Timeshift function

Pause live streaming and replay later. Thanks to the Timeshift function, you will not miss important moments.

Quick start function

Romsat TR-9100HD has a quick start function. This allows you to free yourself from the boring wait to turn on the device and enjoy watching TV programs in just a few seconds.

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