Digital terrestrial receiver Romsat T8015HD (discount)

Brand: Romsat
Product Code: T8015HD
380 ₴

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DVB-T2 receiver Romsat T8015HD with Internet media player functionality. Connect a Wi-Fi adapter and use IPTV, Youtube, Gmail and other Internet services. Watch movies, TV channels and other media content online! The best Ukrainian choice.

The receiver is designed specifically for the Ukrainian market, taking into account all the features of the domestic T2 network. Thanks to the presence of the LED display, the operation of the device is easier and more intuitive. The metal case contributes to more efficient cooling of the processor, improves stability. Watching cable TV Romsat T8015HD supports watching open digital channels of cable operators providing broadcasting without signal coding.

Built-in media player and video recorder. Use the receiver as a personal media center. T8015HD can play videos, play music and open favorite photos. Record and listen to your favorite TV programs and movies anytime. Store recorded content on an external hard drive or USB flash drive.

Since the video is recorded in digital format, your own. The video archive will be of impeccable quality. Features Romsat T8015HD 1 x USB 2.0 PVR - Real Timeshift video recording and playback.

Media player functions: music; video; a photo; subtitles.

Software update via USB interface. Blind search Youtube, Google map, Weather, IPTV 7 days EPG. Full HD resolution, multilingual OSD.

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