Hairdryer ZD-8907 320 watts. 150-500℃

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD-8907
1,442 ₴

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Description PORTABLE hair DRYER ZD-8907 With LCD DISPLAY

Complete with a Hairdryer ZD-8907 you buy:

  • Hairdryer ZD-8907

  • Bracket for mounting the device

  • Set of tips:

  1. Round nozzle with a diameter of 4 mm

  2. Round nozzle with a diameter of 7 mm

  3. Round nozzle with a diameter of 9 mm

Features of portable hair dryer ZD-8907 :

  • Adjust air output, digital control.

  • Adjustment of air flow to 22 l / max .

  • Temperature control in the range from 200 ° C to 500 ° C

  • LCD display with backlight

  • Rapid achievement of desired temperature and high temperature stability

  • The fan is driven by a brushless motor (high strength and reliability, quiet operation, low vibration)

The dryer is equipped with highly durable heating element, which heating wire is wound on the frame. Due to this the heating element does not burn, for example, by accidentally pressing on the heater. Buy Hairdryer ZD-8907 possible for the soldering bumpers or plastic, and soldering of electronic components and in our store, the cost is always relevant.

Strong heater mounted on frame, resistant to minor bumps!

ATTENTION WITH Hairdryer ZD-8907, for the same price, you get everything you need to start soldering.

  • The dryer is of good quality , with a clear LCD display with backlight, power durable heating element. We provide full warranty and post-warranty service, so after the warranty period you will not be alone.

  • Set the reduction / narrowing of nozzles of different diameters for welding plastics

Hairdryer ZD-8907 features a durable, compact casing, so it takes up little space. Hairdryer ZD-8907 is very durable and has a low cost. LCD display shows temperature and air flow level.

The Hairdryer gives the possibility of repair:

  • headlights,

  • bumpers,

  • mirrors,

  • the body of the heaters,

  • batteries

  • air-conditioning,

  • spoiler

  • tanks for petrol, oil and water, as well as body parts

  • GSM phones

Portable dryer ZD-8907 can also be used to repair consumer electronics

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