LED flashlight LL-5805 5W + 22LED with USB and power bank function

Brand: Китай
Product Code: LL-5805
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✓ VERY POWERFUL AND STURDY - the LED flashlight with handle is an absolutely necessary piece of equipment for those who spend time actively, for example, in the bosom of nature. A very powerful light stream of up to 1200 lumens, which the device generates, will illuminate any place.

✓ IT'S RELIABLE ALWAYS AND EVERYWHERE - The side light LED flashlight has a waterproof and dustproof design, so you can use it in desert and rain conditions, for example. The case is reinforced and shock-resistant. In addition, the lantern has a powerbank function. With the help of the USB cable, which is not included, you can always charge your phone. A powerful flashlight battery is enough to fully charge the phone battery!

✓ STRAP INCLUDED - the searchlight comes with a strong shoulder strap that is easily attached to a carabiner, which allows you to carry the flashlight over your shoulder or on your belt. Thanks to the adjustable strap, you can also conveniently attach it to your backpack or tent roof.


Powerful LED lantern 10W + 22LED with USB and power bank function

Battery 6000mAh

The range of the light beam is up to 1000 m

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