Connectors and terminals

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The black terminal block, also known as the mounting terminal or instrument terminal block, is an im..

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The red terminal block, also known as the mounting terminal or instrument terminal block, is an impo..

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Category "Connectors and terminals" includes a wide range of components that ensure a reliable and safe connection of electrical wires, cables and electronic devices. These elements play a key role in electrical engineering, ensuring the efficient transmission of signals and electricity. The assortment includes the following types of connectors and terminals:

  • Terminals: used to connect the ends of wires in electrical circuits. They can be spring, screw or soldered, providing reliable contact and ease of installation.

  • Connectors: includes a variety of plugs and sockets that allow you to quickly connect and disconnect electronic devices. This includes coaxial, USB, HDMI, RJ45 and other types of connectors used in various industries – from household appliances to industrial systems.

  • Terminal blocks: provide the possibility of simultaneous connection of several wires at one point. It is convenient for organizing the distribution of electricity and signals in complex systems.

  • Crimping and soldering connectors: designed for reliable attachment of wires to contacts by crimping or soldering. They are used in conditions where high mechanical strength of connections is required.

  • Plugs and Sockets: Components used to connect cables to different devices. They can be standard or specialized, depending on the requirements of a particular system.

Our products are made of high-quality materials that ensure long-term use and resistance to external influences. Connectors and terminals are characterized by high manufacturing accuracy, which guarantees the stability of connections and minimizes signal loss. By choosing our products, you get reliable components for your electrical engineering projects.