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Replacement burner Zhongdi ZD-725D for the station to burn Zhongdi ZD-8905. Technical characteris..

249 ₴

Set for engraving Zhongdi ZD-410B is composed of and cautery replacement tips. Characteristics of..

217 ₴

Set for engraving Zhongdi ZD-707А consists of and cautery replacement tips. Through a variety of int..

160 ₴

Set for engraving Zhongdi ZD-410A consists of a burner and 6 replacement tips.Characteristics of a b..

159 ₴

Set for engraving Zhongdi ZD-725В consists of a soldering gun, the burner, stand and interchangeable..

343 ₴

Set for engraving Zhongdi ZD-972А consists of a soldering iron and cautery replacement tips. Through..

572 ₴

    Vyzhigatel on wood zd-8905 manufacturer Zhongdi has a rather high price, but..

785 ₴

Set for engraving Zhongdi ZD-972G consists of a soldering gun, the burner, stand and interchangeable..

467 ₴

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Questions about wood burners
Burners are soldering iron type and on the bracket. The classic type is considered to be a wood burner on a bracket, for example: Zhongdi zd-8905
The cheapest burner on the WST website is the model: Zhongdi ZD-410A
Using a burner, you can apply drawings to wood, leather, fabric, or with a burner you can repair and glue plastic parts.

  Decorative firing is quite relevant among artistic crafts for working with wood. Previously, metal rods were used for this purpose, the ends of which had to be red-hot.

Today you canin stores with highly specialized products buy any wood burner. Artists use different firing options:

  • printing;

  • painting;

  • by means of an open flame or in the heated sand;

  • acids, etc.

    Using a soldering iron or Burner can make interesting and original products. But for this you need to choose the right device.

What to look for:

    Today, the WST online store, offers original models of wood burners. They are divided into devices with solid wire or feathers. The first are equipped with nozzles, these models differ in durability, simplicity of operation, reasonable cost. The second allows in the process to change the heating temperature, however, the cool and heat for a long time, can overheat, the handle also becomes quite hot with prolonged use.

    If you are buying a wood burner for your children, you should consider the following tips:

  • if your child is just beginning to try this art, you need to buy a wood burner for children a classic option and with a minimum number of nozzles;

  • the device must have burn protection options, as well as a stand for the handle and cover for the table on which the work will be performed;

  • you should choose devices that come with a spare needle or feather. This will help the burner to form patterns on the skin or tissue;

  • pyrographic pictures for the model with wire pins will be a suitable option. Your child will be able to create complex plots, play with shadow and light, combine techniques.

In our store you can buy any model of burner at an affordable price. With the help of these devices, various wooden surfaces are decorated with interesting drawings, portraits or landscapes. This art is available not only to the artist, but even to the child, most importantly, to show perseverance and imagination. At the same time, remember the obligatory observance of safety precautions!