Soldering iron-cautery ZD-410B 40W + 6 nozzles

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD410B-40
443 ₴

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The device will interest all lovers pirografii wood and radio Amateurs who are engaged in soldering circuits, parts, etc. For variety of pictures comes with 6 nozzles. Decorating the strap, the soldering of the motherboard or burning on the wood with your hands is not a problem for ZD-410B. The reviews confirm the obvious — the soldering iron is simple and easy to use.

Features ZD-410B 40W:

  • 220V Power Supply
  • Power consumption 40 W
  • Constant heat
  • Plastic handle

Package includes:

  • Soldering iron-burner
  • Set of 6 replacement tips
  • Stand for soldering iron
  • Plastic case
If you are interested to buy ZD-410B or to find alternative soldering device call  ☎(068) 712-07-00

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