Electric knife for expanded polystyrene ZD-507E

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD507E
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ZD-507E Hot Cutting Tool - Your Reliable Helper for Cutting Various Materials

Tool for hot cutting ZD-507E is a powerful and reliable device for creating various types of sharp and precise cuts in various materials. This compact tool has high performance and provides a clean and neat cut without rough corners and edges.

ZD507E Hot Cutting Tool - allows you to easily and accurately cut a variety of materials including polypropylene, polystyrene, and foam. This tool comes with two interchangeable knife attachments (106 x 1mm and 202 x 1mm), making it a versatile tool for your job

Product features:

  • Ergonomic design: The tool has the shape of a pistol, which provides a convenient and comfortable grip. You will be able to work with it for a long time without getting tired.

  • Rapid Heat Up: The large replaceable knife blades heat up quickly, allowing you to start cutting materials almost instantly after switching on.

  • Versatility: The tool is designed for cutting various types of materials, such as polypropylene, polystyrene, foam and others. It can be used for cutting and creating various shapes and figures.

  • Long service life: ZD-507E hot cutting tool is very reliable and long-lasting. It is suitable for long-term use and will serve you for many years.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power: 150 W.

  • Input voltage: 220 ~ 240 V.

  • 2 cutting attachments: 79-8217 (106 x 1 mm), 79-8218 (202 x 1 mm).

  • Weight: approximately 1.2 kg (with knife).

  • Dimensions of the transport box: approximately 240 x 255 x 75 mm.

Delivery package:

  • Gun for hot cutting.
  • 2 knives for cutting.
  • A case for convenient transportation.
  • User manual.

The hot cutting tool ZD-507E will be a reliable assistant in your work with materials and will allow you to create high-quality and professional cuts. You can purchase it from the WST online store at an affordable price and enjoy all the benefits of this powerful tool.

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