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FeaturesSuitable for technology: LG 43UH6100 LG 43UH6500 LG 43UH651V LG 43UH656V LG 43UH7500 LG 43UH..

120 ₴

FeaturesSuitable for technology: LG OLED65E6TAAUZLH LG AKB74935301 LG AKB74975501 LG AN-MR400 LG MR1..

1,549 ₴

FeaturesSuitable for technology: LG OLED65E6TAAUZLH LG AKB74935301 LG AKB74975501 LG AN-MR400 LG MR1..

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FeaturesSuitable for technology: RM-881 RM-883 RM-890 RM-891 RM-892 RM-893 RM-916 RM-921 RM-933 RM-9..

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FeaturesSuitable for technology:Bravis DB3200BH, Bravis LED-LB2430BFChip in the remote control:Upd61..

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FeaturesМикросхема в пульте:н.д.SYS код пульта:н.д...

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Alphabox 4060CX
FeaturesSuitable for technology:Alphabox 4060CX, Alphabox 4160CX, Chip in the remote control:Upd6121..

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Alphabox T15
FeaturesSuitable for technology:T2 Alphabox T15Chip in the remote control:Upd6121GSYS remote control..

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Alphabox X4 MICRO
FeaturesSuitable for technology:Alphabox X4 MICRO, Alphabox X4 SEChip in the remote control:Upd6121G..

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FeaturesSuitable for technology:Bravis 553, Bravis 553D, Bravis 558Chip in the remote control:Upd612..

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120 ₴

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Remote Controls

Probably every one of us has had a situation where the remote control is broken or lost. As a result, you have to run to the shops or look for the right model on the radio market.

The WST store offers a solution to this problem. Our catalog of remotes will help you find the model you need, including remotes for:

  1. TV;

  2. Satellite receivers;

  3. cable TV;

  4. Essential prefixes;

  5. Air conditioners;

  6. Players;

  7. Universal consoles.

Features of universal consoles

These models, which are also called all in one, have the ability to control any technique, from the music center to smart light bulbs. Thanks to this solution, you can save space by throwing away all unnecessary remotes. Such models are especially needed in large houses or apartments.

In addition to consoles with a limited number of supporting devices, there are also consoles with the ability to program and learn. This means the use of special software and the use of the base of a specific device.

Our store offers a large selection of universal remotes, such as the learning CHUNGHOP SRM-403E, which has built-in memory, so the code is saved when changing batteries. With the help of the model you can control TV, DVD, SAT / CABLE, AUX of different brands. Such a purchase will be an ideal replacement for a lost remote control.

TV remotes

The remote control for the TV is considered the most popular, therefore in our shop this goods is presented by a large number of models. In particular, here you will find consoles for brands Sitronics, AKAI, AIWA, Daewoo. All panels are of high quality assembly, made in a high-quality case.


You can also order a remote control for the receiver from us, which will save a lot if the main remote control is broken or lost. If you can't find the right model for you among the variety of our catalog, call, and managers will help with the choice.