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Stylish design and colors available will make our fan is easy to fit into any type of office and hom..

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Stylish design and colors available will make our fan is easy to fit into any type of office and hom..

339 ₴

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Table fans

Work in overheated rooms without air conditioning is definitely less effective and more tedious. Lack of fresh air causes drowsiness, headaches, problems with concentration and irritability. The decision in this case may be small Desk fan, thanks to which we will feel a refreshing cool breeze during the day. The biggest advantage is high mobility - we can easily move it to the desired location and even package vacation and lowest price, but the disadvantage is its low efficiency. In stores, there are many models of portable fans, but the most interesting are the retro-decorated and minimalistic version. Some fans can be connected via USB cable or attached to the edge of the table a special clip.


Outdoor fans

Outdoor models are ideal for small apartments or on the terrace, or wherever the fan is used seasonally. However, they take a lot of space, but they are easy to move (especially when you choose a model with wheels), and after the summer fold and store in the garage or closet. Due to the large size power floor fans are much more than tabletop models, and, in addition, they not only create a blast of cold spots, but also cause the air to move across the room. In stores you will find a standing fan with three or four propellers, on a telescopic leg with adjustable position and angle of the head and low base ( the so-called circulators ). Models of the columns is an interesting solution, consisting of several small fans, one positioned above the other.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling models work well in spacious rooms with high ceilings. Rotating - always to the left - a wooden or metal propellers cause the air in motion and thus lower the temperature throughout the room. Their biggest advantage is that they are absolutely safe for children, because they are out of their reach. Moreover, they can also be used in winter to distribute warm air(and reduce heating bills up to 30%!). Unfortunately, in small living rooms ceiling fans can produce a tremendous impression. After the model was launched by pulling on a string, modern are enabled by using the remote control or the switch on the wall. In the shops you will find models with built-in lighting that can be installed instead of the chandelier, and colorful props.

How to choose a fan?

No matter what model you choose, you should check the fan power, because the higher it is, the more effective it will be. You should also consider the range of the device (normally, it ranges from 500 m to 800 m), the working volume should not exceed 50 dB) and if it allows you to adjust the speed of rotation of the propeller and the position of the head. If we have a rich portfolio, we can choose a pilot model with night mode, the ionization of the air or aromatherapy (with a special reservoir for essential oil).