Magnifying glass

A set of tools for opening cases and repairing phones 21in1 — it is an ideal kit for anyone wh..

166 ₴

Binocular forehead magnifier MG81002 with illumination is a reliable tool that provides comfortable ..
HDR - 1.2X;1.8X;2.5X;3.5X/есть/налобная/плексиглас

413 ₴

HDR - 1.2X;1.8X;2.5X;3.5X/есть/налобная/плексиглас
The MG81000-SC Magnifier Binoculars are an ideal tool for anyone who works with small items, such as..

621 ₴

The MG81001-A Magnifier Binoculars with Dual LED Backlight is an ideal tool for small crafters such ..

471 ₴


381 ₴

Binocular magnifier MG81007-C1 is a powerful and convenient tool with LED illumination, which is des..

342 ₴

The MG81007AP Binocular Forehead Magnifier with LED illumination is a powerful tool designed for tas..

364 ₴

Binoculars model 82000-J is an innovative tool designed for work that requires detailed and careful ..

605 ₴

The MG82000-JC Binoculars with battery and illumination are an innovative tool that provides differe..

684 ₴

The MG82000-MC binoculars are an innovative tool that allows you to carry out a detailed study of va..

701 ₴

Binocular forehead magnifier Zhongdi MG81007: convenience and quality in one tool. Zhongdi MG8100..
HDR - 1.5Х;3Х;6.5Х;8Х/акрил/есть/налобная

293 ₴

HDR - 1.5Х;3Х;6.5Х;8Х/акрил/есть/налобная
Binocular magnifier model 9892B1 is an ideal tool for a wide range of applications in various indust..

404 ₴

Binocular magnifier NO.9892A-II is an indispensable tool for observing various objects. Their wide r..
Кратность увеличения - 20X/есть/очки/стекло

280 ₴

Кратность увеличения - 20X/есть/очки/стекло
Binocular glasses with backlight MG19157-4 are a reliable tool for various types of work that requir..
HDR - 1.5X;2.5X;3.5X/есть/очки/плексиглас

273 ₴

HDR - 1.5X;2.5X;3.5X/есть/очки/плексиглас
The MG8100-S binocular magnifier with LED illumination offers a wide range of magnification for deta..

518 ₴

MG81001(RD)1 binocular magnifier with LED illumination is a powerful tool for detailed observation. ..

334 ₴

Binocular magnifier MG81001-F with LED illumination and magnifications of 1.2X, 1.8X, 2.5X and 3.5X:..

504 ₴

Binocular forehead magnifier MG81001-G with illumination on a rubber band is an ideal tool for vario..
HDR - 105х38 мм/1X;1.5X;2X;2.5X;3.5X/есть/налобная/плексиглас

588 ₴

HDR - 105х38 мм/1X;1.5X;2X;2.5X;3.5X/есть/налобная/плексиглас
The MG81001-H Binocular Forehead Magnifier is an ideal tool for observations of various natures and ..
Кратность увеличения - 1X;1.5X;2X;2.5X;3.5X
Материал линзы - плексиглас
Подсветка линзы - є

605 ₴

Кратность увеличения - 1X;1.5X;2X;2.5X;3.5X
Материал линзы - плексиглас
Подсветка линзы - є
MG81001N Binocular Magnifier with LED illumination, magnifications of 1X, 1.5X, 2X, 2.5X and 3.5X an..

747 ₴

Binocular magnifier MG81001NS with LED illumination and magnifications of 1X, 1.5X, 2X, 2.5X and 3.5..

872 ₴

Binocular magnifier MG81001RD with LED illumination and magnifications of 1X, 1.5X, 2X, 2.5X, 3.5X a..

508 ₴

The MG81004 binoculars are a simple but very useful model for anyone who needs additional magnificat..
Кратность увеличения - 1.6X;2X;2.5X;3.5X
Материал линзы - плексиглас
Тип крепления - налобная

159 ₴

Кратность увеличения - 1.6X;2X;2.5X;3.5X
Материал линзы - плексиглас
Тип крепления - налобная
    Take a look at the great selection - MG81006 forehead binocular magnifier, w..

199 ₴

The MG81007B Forehead Binocular Magnifier is designed for observation of various objects and use in ..
HDR - 1.5X;2X;2.5X;3.5X/налобная/нет/стекло

812 ₴

HDR - 1.5X;2X;2.5X;3.5X/налобная/нет/стекло
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Magnifying glass

Magnifiers,. Features

A magnifying glass is an optical system used to increase items, parts, embroidery, charts, etc. For a long time, magnifying glass in its many forms, used in many sectors – in medicine and biology, banking, during the archeological excavations in the jewellery and watchmaking, in forensic science. When holding small jewelry and watch works it is convenient to use the magnifier glassesthat you can buy in the online shop "Home ham" to his hands were always free.

In the online store WST has a fairly wide range of products such as:

· magnifying glass with light;

· magnifying glass desktop;

· lamp with magnifying glass;

· handheld magnifiers with and without illumination;

· lenses for reading;

· magnifying glass with holder.

We can buy a magnifying glass for home use and for professional. Depending on the purpose, you can buy a magnifying glass for embroidery, or read, for professional purposes use the magnifying glass for a manicure, ophthalmology and cosmetic salons . It is sufficient to choose the optimal size, cost, mounting method, and other parameters.


Even despite the fact that there are many types of magnifying glasses, one system of classification lamp magnifier buy can with the appropriate parameters and at the best price in online store WST.

All the glass is of a different zoom level, they are minimum, medium, and large degrees of magnification. The first two options are perfectly suited for use in domestic purposes. The third group is a variant for use in different scientific areas, and where required, increase in tens times.

According to the functional features provided by the division to:

· metering;

· screening;

· watch, jewelry;

· grains.

The simple magnifier is a magnifying glass consisting of a lens and handles. In some cases, the glass is placed in the frame, which makes the use of the device as convenient as possible. With us you can buy a magnifying glass to read onfor easier reading of books and equipped with additional lighting, which in turn relieves stress from the eyes .

In professional activities is actively used lamp with a magnifying glass, she is sought after manicurists, cosmetologists. Magnifier headlamp buy needed when your specialty linked to dentistry, time or jewellery.

The advantages of the products include:

· the quality of the procedure or work;

· increase;

· comfortable use;

· affordable rates;

· durability, etc.

If you are wondering where to buy a magnifying glass, we offer to visit our online store "House of ham". Here you will find a large assortment of magnifying devices for any activity. If you have any questions, our Manager always will help you.

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