Soldering station digital assembly / desoldering ZD-987

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Soldering station + solder suction ZD-987

Soldering station ZD -987 thanks to fast heating and high power allows you to quickly and easily solder and unsolder all electronic components. Proper design, one-handed control and high suction power make it easy to remove solder residue from single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards. The ceramic heating element is automatically controlled by a microprocessor, thanks to which the tip has a constant and precisely set temperature. Clear temperature display on the LED display (measured in degrees C or F)

Sleep function in the ZD-987 disassembly station The

soldering station has a sleep function if the soldering iron is not used for 15 minutes. It switches to "Sleep" and the temperature drops to 200 ° C. This saves energy and extends the life of the tip due to less oxidation. After raising the temperature again or pressing the button, the station automatically returns to operating mode and heats up to the set temperature.

Advantages of the ZD 987 disassembly soldering station

  • Soldering iron and soldering iron can be used at the same time

  • Fast heating to the set temperature

  • microcontroller

  • Ceramic heating element

  • Interchangeable soldering irons

  • Sleep mode

  • 2 Easy-to-read LCDs show set and current

  • temperature

abuy in this set:

  1. Soldering station ZD-987

  2. gun with fixed nozzle (tip)

  3. Two spare nozzles (tips) N5-1 and N5-3

  4. Spare filters 4 pcs.

  5. Hairpins for cleaning of nozzles of 3 pieces.

  6. Power cord

  7. Soldering iron Soldering iron

  8. stand

Technical parameters:

  • Powersupply: 220-240V AC

  • Temperature indicators on LEDs

Soldering iron:

  • Temperature range: 160-480 ° C

  • Power consumption: 80 W

  • Supply voltage: 24V

  • Pump power: 600 mm Hg

Solderingiron with suction pump :

  • Temperature range: 160-480 ° C

  • Power consumption: 60 W

  • Supply voltage: 24V

  • Heating element: ceramic


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