Flexible holder ZD-11M-2 with magnifying glass to help hands

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD-11M-2
1,032 ₴

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The ZD-11M-2 Magnifier Flexible Holder is an innovative and extremely convenient tool that helps you efficiently perform work that requires attention to small details. This holder allows you to move freely and work with parts with both hands, ensuring maximum precision and productivity.

Features of the ZD-11M-2 flexible holder:

  • 90mm 3x Magnification Lens: Thanks to the high-quality magnifier, you can see the smallest details in detail, which is especially important for industries such as electronics, jewelry and more.
  • Four flexible metal arms with crocodiles for fixing parts: The holder is equipped with four flexible metal arms that help securely fix small parts and objects in the desired position.
  • Base with wide rubber feet: The base of the holder has wide rubber feet that ensure a stable fixation on the work surface, ensuring reliability and safety during operation.
  • Possibility to adjust the height and angle of inclination: The flexible holder can be easily adjusted in height and angle of inclination to achieve the optimal position of the working area.
  • Sturdy and stable construction: Thanks to high-quality materials and attention to detail in design, the holder has a strong and stable construction that guarantees long-term and reliable use.

The flexible holder ZD-11M-2 with magnifying glass is an indispensable assistant for works that require great attention to small details. You can purchase this tool from the WST store at an affordable price.

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