Holder for circuit boards (third hand) ZD-10F

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD10F
187 ₴

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Board holder (third hand) ZD-10F is an ideal tool for soldering and repair. Thanks to this holder, you get additional help when working with printed circuit boards and parts, ensuring accuracy and stability in the process of assembly or repair.

Main advantages:

  1. Universal Fascinator:

    • Designed for working both with printed circuit boards and for capturing various parts.
  2. Flexible Movements:

    • Possibility of adjusting and fixing the position for ease of use.
  3. Strong and Stable Frame:

    • The frame is made of durable material that ensures stability during operation.
  4. Simple and Reliable Mechanism:

    • Easy-to-use mechanism for capturing and fixing parts.
  5. Help at Work:

    • Provides effective assistance when assembling, repairing or modifying electronic devices.

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