Digital soldering station ZD-8906L 48W

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD8906L
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 Station Zhongdi ZD-8906L with controller and temperature display.


Soldering station Zhongdi ZD-8906L - this soldering iron for home and semiprofessional use.

Thanks ispolzovaniiem display and button control, can be precisely ostrovitianova tip.

Station suitable glabicki lead-free and tin alloys.

Dopolnitelnymi is to support technology ESD-Safe.

Massive nagrevatelnyesektsii power of 48 W and a massive lugs obespechivayushchikh soldering.

Product features:

1. Heating elementmodel 48 watts.

2. Led display.

3. Convenient stand for folding of the bulb.

4. Small size and weight.

5. The sponge in integrirovannosti.

6. Bestphentermine temperature 160-520 ° C

7. The long cables.

8. Built-in box LANconnect, and pressed components.

Replacement soldering tip suitable for this model:

o C1-1;

                     o C1-2;

o C1-3;

o C1-4;


  • Peak power: 48W
  • Temperature range: 160-520 [C]
  • The length of the bulb tips: 110cm
  • Voltage supply: 220-240V AC +/- 10%
  • Length of power cable: 110cm
  • Type of heater: Nichrome
  • Protection from static electricity
  • The soldering iron is equipped with factory tip C1-1
  • Weight: 0.7 kg.
  • Display type: led

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