Gun ZD-723B (30-70W) with a plug

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD723B 40W (30-70W)-E
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Gun ZD-723B 40W (30-70W) with uses soldering iron tips plug type and is characterized by the presence of two modes, which are switched by the button on the body. For delicate and sensitive elements of the circuits it is recommended to use 30 watts of power, the thick-wire terminals of the transformer, for example, will require extra power to 70 watts. The manufacturer recommends the use of 70 W for 1 minute at intervals of 1-2 minutes to avoid overheating. Form lightweight plastic housing, ideal for continuous operation, a nichrome heating element allows you to quickly prepare the soldering iron to work.
Soldering iron power 30-70W
Питание 220В
Производитель Zhongdi
Тип Вилки Евровилка
Тип жала B1
Тип нагревателя Нихромовый
Тип паяльника Импульсный

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