Soldering irons

ZD-551 30/60W
The gun with the flow of the solder ZD-551 30/60W. The solder is supplied by means of a button on th..
Вес без подставки - 30/60W

844 ₴

Вес без подставки - 30/60W
Soldering kitZD–972Еallows you to quickly and efficiently produce equipment installation. Simp..

740 ₴

Miniature, portable ZD20U USB soldering iron. Perfect for mobileservice technicians.It can petticaot..
Вес без подставки - 8W

278 ₴

Вес без подставки - 8W
Soldering iron 200 W with a fireproof heater for soldering and tinning of larger components. Bent co..
Вес без подставки - 200W

649 ₴

Вес без подставки - 200W
Mini iron for smoothing delicate fabrics, smoothing seams, making appliqués. Simply indispens..

1,000 ₴

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Frequently Asked Questions about Soldering Irons

By far the most cheap soldering iron ZD-29 30W but more popular soldering iron WD-40W and our recommendation the soldering iron ZD-200C 25W

Top 3 popular soldering irons are model ZD-60 30/70W, soldering iron USB ZD-20U 5V 8W and a soldering iron ZD-70D 20W/130W

Soldering bumpers and plastic often buy palnic TLW 500W, but in some cases it is possible to use a less powerful soldering iron. for example, ZD-701 300W

For home use soldering irons of various capacities but can be used as dual-mode soldering iron ZD-70D 20W/130W or the Soldering iron ZD-708 30W (with temperature control)

Soldering irons
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