Desoldering iron with two tips 48W ZD-409

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Soldering iron-hot tweezers Zhongdi ZD 409 48W

Tweezers soldering iron ZD-409 - a tool that facilitates repair and service work. Useful when disassembling SMD and DIL components on printed circuit boards. This ensures uniform heating of the terminals on both sides of the SMD and DIL components. A resistive wire surrounded by a ceramic sleeve was used as a heating element in the design. Hot tweezers are used in electronic workshops, services, in the production of electronic devices.

Soldering iron-tweezers ZD-409 allows you to solder and desolder two soldering points at the same time. This enables easy, fast and safe dismantling of electronic components (including SMD).


  • Power supply: ~ 220 - 240 V AC

  • Power: 48 W

  • Tip tips (contact point width): 2 mm.

  • total length of soldering iron (including tips): 20 cm.

  • power cord length: 118 cm.

  • replaceable tips.

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