Soldering iron ZD-721N, 50W, 220V, ceramic heater

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD721N, 50W
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The ZD-721N (50W) soldering iron from Zhongdi is a reliable and efficient tool for various soldering tasks. With its help, you will be able to solder components of microcircuits, wires and other elements with high precision.

Features of the soldering iron Zhongdi ZD-721N (50W):

- The plastic rubberized handle provides a comfortable and safe grip.

- The replaceable tip allows you to adapt the soldering iron to different types of work.

- The lack of ability to adjust the heating temperature makes this soldering iron easy to use and ideal for quick soldering tasks.

Technical characteristics of the soldering iron Zhongdi ZD-721N (50W):

- Power: 50 W

- Soldering iron voltage: 220 V

- Heater type: ceramic

- Sting type: N1

This soldering iron is an indispensable tool for any soldering project. It will help you quickly and efficiently perform soldering work, ensuring reliability and accuracy in your work.

Make your soldering tasks easier and more productive with the ZD-721N (50W) soldering iron from Zhongdi. After all, your success is our main goal. Buy this soldering iron at the WST store and get a quality tool at a great price that will help you achieve the best results in your work.

Soldering iron power 50W

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