The USB soldering iron ZD-20U 5V 8W

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Miniature, portable ZD20U USB soldering iron.

Perfect for mobileservice technicians.

It can petticaot the USB port of the laptop, computer, etc.

Or from the USB network adapter 230 (minimum 1 A).

You also may tap the soldering iron in the car.

All you need is a USB adapter for an automobile cigarette lighter.

And for field robustheit to buy PowerBank, we get full independence and comfort.


ü power8 watts

ü 5V the USB whitneypreteen

ü preparatoria caves 15s

ü premawardene about 30

ü after 25секунд idle soldering iron goes into sleep mode

Possible ways of power supply:

Ø сUSB port on laptop, PC, etc.

Ø from Saranovskaya 230 (USB-adapter for power supply 230 V - 1 A)

Ø from the automobile battery charger (car to USB adapter - at least 1A)

Ø otstojnik uninterruptible power supply PowerBank


1. soldering iron

2. seminyenalisa

3. podstavit soldering iron

4. USB cable

5. tin


Note about use: We netclusive transparent protective tip cover , just remove it, kkryska handle.

Unscrewing the lid, odnovremennoe metal nut, without which the soldering iron will not work.

Вес без подставки 8W

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