Stand for soldering iron ZD-10

Brand: Zhongdi
Product Code: ZD10
118 ₴

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The ZD-10 stand is designed to place the tool during breaks in work so that it does not lie on the table and does not burn the surface with a hot sting.

The ZD-10 stand has a metal rectangular base, which contributes to good balance so that the center of gravity does not shift during operation.

The holder itself is spiral, fixed to the holder with a screw, made of metal, which provides good heat dissipation and the base heats up much less, which is facilitated by a sufficiently large heat dissipation area.

A notch in the lower part of the body accommodates a sponge for cleaning the soldering iron tip, which can be ordered separately, if necessary, as well as cleaning chips, as well as consumables for soldering - wire solder and fluxes.

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