Impulse soldering iron ZD-507C, power 150W.

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Impulse soldering iron ZD-507C, power 150W in a case.

The ZD 507C impulse soldering iron has a power of 150W, Oh, it is an absolute analogue of the ZD-507 impulse soldering iron, with the exception that the ZD-507 C soldering iron comes with a convenient carrying case, which additionally contains a pair of spare tips, solder and rosin. The soldering iron is intended for electricians, hobbyist electronics for soldering, desoldering wires, electronic components and other small components. It is intended for indoor use only, hobbyist not for commercial use.

Impulse soldering iron ZD 507C is produced in a renowned ISO certified factory. The soldering iron is made in the shape of a pistol with a red body. The price of a pulse soldering iron is not high, but we must not forget that it is not suitable for professional use, it is more suitable for cable work or as a spare tool on the road. Nevertheless, such soldering irons are often used by craftsmen when you need to quickly warm up a soldering iron and solder or unsolder a wire, or some kind of radio component, but we want to warn you if you use this soldering iron for a long time, parts of the case may melt. 

But in fact, the use of a pulse soldering iron is very convenient and specialists from the service center of thestore wstalso use pulse soldering irons in their work. It is very convenient to use a pulse soldering iron in cool rooms and there is urgent work, and the main soldering irons are not yet warmed up. Since they need a rather long time to heat up, the advantage of a pulse soldering iron is that it develops in literally 5-7 seconds, Who time like a regular soldering iron It will take 5, or even 10 minutes to warm up normally. 

Technical characteristics of the pulse soldering iron ZD-507C 

  • type: transformer;
  • power: 150W;
  • power supply: 220-240 V AC;
  • tip temperature: 200 ° C - 450 ° C;
  • replaceable tips;
  • fast heating of the tip;
  • convenient plastic case;

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